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Posted by Priscilla Salmasi on Oct 4, 2018 5:00:03 PM

Truckers Mall was founded in 1996 and provides products to individual truck drivers as well as fleets of truckers and manufacturers of trailers. Looking for a way to increase sales through web traffic, Truckers Mall founders Pete and Boris placed their trust in finding a solution with VDG. Based in Chicago, Truckers Mall provides the best products available to the trucking industry, from safety products to custom mud flaps.

The previous website (pictured below) was built in html code and although it was functional, it was time consuming to update the site with new products. Looking to offer a better user experience with a new website, VDG designed the website on an e-commerce platform, setting the site up with more than 1,500 products to start.

truckers old

truckers old 2





Since launching the new website, thousands of other products have been added by the Truckers Mall team, with continued support from our web developers. Visit them at

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