Partnership with BulletROOF

Posted by Natalie Stubbs on Nov 16, 2018 9:46:12 AM
The last few months have brought the opportunity of building a close partnership with our neighbors, BulletROOF. With their significant growth and presence in the Atlanta area came a need to revamp several pieces of their marketing collateral. We enjoyed refreshing the look of several customer forms and product flyers, as well as updating some public outreach items such as door hangers, direct mail postcards and billboards creations. With the recent opening of their new office in Buford, Georgia, we were also able to take part in branding and personalizing their office space with the design and printing of a 16-foot wall mural and several oversized photo canvases. Their bold color combinations, sleek look, and informative content attract and build trust with potential customers, providing them with the knowledge, assistance and confidence they need to move forward making the right decision for their home. 
BulletROOF is dedicated to aiding clients in getting everything they deserve in their insurance claim — but they surely don't stop there. Their experienced team will spend time with you to fully educate you on the products that meet the needs of you and your home. BulletROOF also focuses on the importance of ice and water barrier, synthetic felt, drip edge, and ventilation… all the way down to the unique nails and custom caulk they use! They want you to see and understand the details they put into your new roof, which is just one of the many reasons they’re considered one of the best roofing companies in Georgia.
Visit them at for more info! 
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