What's Hot in 2016

Posted by Rachel Pillow on January 14, 2016

From color to infographics, our design team unveils the top design trends for your business to stay current in the New Year.

Top Design Trends To Help Your Business Keep Up

Good design is timeless. However, a great graphic designer knows how to take a timeless design and evolve it based on today’s trends - in a way that can speak to your specific audience. Professional designers go to great lengths to learn and understand how to tell your story through a complete visual experience. Designers also understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve. Read on to learn more about 2016’s graphic design forecast….


Out of all of the design trends my personal favorite is: hand lettering and calligraphy! This trend is also the most inspiring to me as a designer. In a world that is so fast-paced and where everything is digital, hand lettering and calligraphy are bringing back the importance of good, old-fashioned pen and paper. This trend has been around for a few years, but is still going strong. We are seeing this trend explode everywhere: on the cover of magazines, in logos, print ads, posters, packaging... the list goes on. The organic and unique style of hand lettering and the beautiful, elegant class of calligraphy make this trend very versatile and adaptable.


In today’s digital world where stock imagery and photography are at our beck and call, it is surprising that custom illustration is making a comeback. However, with its whimsical and endearing tone, it has become exceedingly popular in marketing collateral and package design. Through a custom illustration the audience can easily picture themselves in the scene or storyline, making the connection to the product more personal.


pantone-colors-spring-2016-swatches-square-w352Pantone Matching System (PMS) has become theinternational standard for color selection, matching and organization. From technology to automotive, fashion and interior design, the proprietary pantone-colors-spring-2016-swatches-square-w352system is used across a wide variety of industries. The highly anticipated 2016 Pantone® Colors of the year are Rose Quartz (PANTONE 13-1520) and Serenity (PANTONE 15-3919). Rose Quartz has a warm touch while Serenity has a cooler peaceful sense. Together they have a harmonious marriage that signifies a sense of connection and emotions. This color combination will be great for spring marketing ads and would make a beautiful color palette for wedding invitations.


Infographics are visually appealing diagrams or charts with icons, illustrations and graphics that help communicate a story. They are particularly useful in presentations, annual reports, media kits, sales pamphlets, brochures, informative websites and more. When presented with a lot of information or data, it can be overwhelming and frankly, quite boring, to your audience. So designers work with clients to create eye-catching, retainable ways to present critical data and information.

When it comes to these current trends, it is okay to experiment, so long as you stay true to who you are and your brand identity. Let a professional help you navigate the sometimes confusing, yet very exciting, world of design trends because they will continue to evolve. But don’t get left behind because great design can truly give your customers a reason to care and a reason to engage with you.

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